Health Services

We specialize in helping you feel better.

In addition to offering prescription services, we can help with a variety of specialized Health Services.

  • COVID-19 Testing and IgG and IgM antibody testing
  • Immunizations
  • Diabetes Care
  • Medication Therapy Management
  • Medication Adherence
  • Unit-Dose and Multi-Dose Packaging
  • Medicare Open Enrollment
  • Long-Term Care Services


COVID-19 Testing and IgG and IgM antibody testing

A limited supply of COVID-19 testing services are available, contact us for more information, and to see if you qualify for testing.



Flu shots and other vaccinations are available for patients ages 18 and older.  No appointment is necessary; simply come by the Pharmacy during regular business hours Monday through Friday.


Diabetes Care

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with diabetes, you may feel overwhelmed.  The first step is understanding your condition and how to manage it.  Careful management of diabetes can reduce your risk of serious and life-threatening complications. We can help you take control of your diabetes.  Ask us for help, that’s what we’re here for.


Medication Therapy Management

Medication therapy management, otherwise known as MTM, is a term used for a program to help you manage your medications and health conditions. With this program, our pharmacists will ensure you are getting the best therapy from your medications.  In addition, our pharmacists can help you better manage your medications and health conditions, so you can live a healthier life.

  • Do you take several medications for several different health conditions?
  • Are you finding it difficult to manage your health and your medications?
  • Are you experiencing negative side effects from your medications?
  • Do you want to know how best to take your medications to get the most from your medications?
  • Do you take medications that require close monitoring?
  • Have you been recently hospitalized?
  • Would you like to know if you are up-to-date on the recommended vaccines?
  • Do you have any concerns about medication costs?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may benefit from medication therapy management.  Make an appointment today for a medication therapy management session with one of our pharmacists.


Medication Adherence

Statistically, more than half of medications for chronic conditions, such as high cholesterol and diabetes, are not taken as prescribed.

Poor medication adherence can lead to worsening health conditions, hospitalizations and death.  If you are not taking your prescriptions regularly, for any reason, let’s talk about what we can do to help.


Unit-Dose and Multi-Dose Packaging

When you take several medications, it can be difficult to keep track of what medication you need to take and when.  Ask us about packaging options that may help.


Medicare Open Enrollment

Each year, Medicare Part D recipients are able to evaluate their coverage and re-enroll in the plan that best meets their needs.  We have tools to help you with this process.  Using your prescription profile, we can help you identify which plans will save you the most money in the coming year.  Medicare Open Enrollment typically runs from mid October to the beginning of December each year.


Long-Term Care Services

John’s Rx and John’s Rx Southwest provide long-term care pharmacy services to patients throughout southeast and southwest Missouri.  Whether you are looking for pharmacy service for your loved one in a nursing or group home, or you are looking for a new pharmacy for your facility, we can help.  Get more information about our Long-Term Care Pharmacy Services.


We offer a prescription sync service at all our locations. No more taking mutliple trips to the pharmacy each month. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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