John's Pharmacy
Serving Southeast Missouri for over 35 years

We Go the Extra Mile for You

John’s Pharmacy has been serving the Cape Girardeau community for over thirty five years. We have long claimed the phrase, “we go the extra mile for you.” It is more than a motto, it is a mind set for each of us.

Our family of pharmacies are dedicated to you and your family’s health care needs. We specialize in personal service and offer our customers the friendliest, most personalized, and comprehensive care possible.

"I enjoy doing business with John's Pharmacy."

Their service is great, I just tell them what I need and know that they’ll make the extra effort to make it happen. They’ll even deliver to me when I need it or call my doctor if I need a new prescription.

I always have a positive experience at John’s Pharmacy, working with them is easy and painless. I know I can trust them to fill my prescriptions and take care of all the details.

– Chuck McGinty, Owner of CP McGinty Jewelers

"They make me feel like a person, not a number."

I have a passion for great customer service. I prefer working with locally owned businesses that offer personalized solutions and “extra-mile” service. John’s Pharmacy is one of those of places. Working with the staff and pharmacists at John’s Pharmacy is always enjoyable. The staff is friendly and they go out of their way to take care of everything for me. I know I can trust John’s Pharmacy to fill my prescriptions and give me good, reliable, and accurate information. They make me feel like a person, not a number, and that’s important to me.

– Steve Taylor, President of First Missouri State Bank

"I trust the pharmacists at John's to help manage my diabetes."

I’ve been getting my testing supplies and medicine from John’s for years. Whenever I have a question, the pharmacists always take time to listen. They understand diabetes and give me suggestions that make sense and are things that I can really do at home. I know I can always go to John’s Pharmacy when I have questions or need help with my diabetes.

– Sammy

We offer a prescription sync service at all our locations. No more taking mutliple trips to the pharmacy each month. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3.

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Call us and we will start working to get all of your prescriptions scheduled to be filled at the same time each month.

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Our staff will review your meds, call you, and prepare only what you need for the month.

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